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Creating Legal Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

We are devoted to providing the highest caliber of legal representation and client service.

Homeowners’ and Condominium Association Law
Our law firm takes on a wide array of HOA and Condominium collection issues.
Commercial Litigation
We handle a variety of commercial transactions including breach of contract cases.
Business Corporate Law
We strive to meet your company’s legal needs.
Real Estate Litigation
Taking on broker disputes, quiet title actions and other issues.

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HOA Lawyer In Miami

At Albert E. Acuña, PA, clients can count on truly personalized legal solutions. We do not deal with clients as numbers, files or cases. Rather, we work with human beings who rely on our knowledge and experience to find cost-effective resolutions to their legal matters and concerns, including:

A trusting attorney-client relationship serves as the foundation of all that Albert E. Acuña, PA, seeks to accomplish. Throughout the years, new clients have consistently come as referrals from other lawyers, as well as existing and past clients. Word-of-mouth recommendations have complemented a caliber of work product which is second to none.

As an Additional Service to Clients: Criminal Defense as Needed

A small but important portion of the law practice of Albert E. Acuña, PA, is dedicated to defense of those charged with crimes, including DUI/DWI (drunk driving) and vehicular violence cases. Mr. Acuña is a former prosecutor and a zealous advocate for the accused.

A Valuable Resource for Condominium Associations and Homeowners’ Associations in Miami, Florida

Service to clients is a bedrock value of this law firm. Clients enjoy direct access to Mr. Acuña’s ear throughout the duration of a legal matter. Begin the dialogue with an initial consultation that carries no further obligation. Call 305-548-5020 or send an email through this website.