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Clients of Our Law Firm Appreciate Working with a Strong Advocate and Colleague

With the care and pride that go into the practice of law at Albert E. Acuña, PA, it is perhaps not surprising that this law firm willingly represents clients at all levels, ranging from individuals to several forms of business entities. Representation by this law firm means that we back our clients and their positions zealously while always attempting to find effective and efficient resolutions to their legal matters, whether they are private individuals or business entities, in matters having to do with:

A Fee Structure that Fosters Clear Lines of Attorney-Client Communication

Being that sometimes legal fees can cause an impediment to having good and competent legal representation, our law firm routinely attempts to realize our clients’ legal objectives in the most efficient and economic manner possible; to this end Mr. Acuña foregoes billing clients for short and brief communications such as phone calls or emails. It is imperative that our law firm develops a strong relationship with its clients and that the lines of communication remain open and clear to ensure all legal interests are being accounted for. Many times due to a client’s concern of incurring excessive fees a client may refrain from communicating with his/her/its lawyer; our law firm strides to avoid this frame of mind. Indeed, given the strength of the relationship this philosophy creates between Mr. Acuña and most of his clients, Mr. Acuña is proud to now be able to call many of his clients personal friends.

Criminal defense is a proportionally small part of this law practice. However, as a former prosecutor, Mr. Acuña realizes that each case is critical to the client who relies on his skilled advocacy in the face of criminal charges such as:

  • DUI/DWI (impaired driving involving drugs or alcohol)
  • Vehicular homicide and crimes related to the alleged criminal operation of a motor vehicle
  • All types of misdemeanors and felonies, such as drug-related offenses, theft, fraud, and vandalism

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Mr. Acuña welcomes the opportunity to evaluate new cases, meet new potential clients and offer legal counsel and representation in new situations. Begin the dialogue about any matter having to do with business, real estate, homeowners’ association law or condominium association law by calling or emailing the Miami, Florida, law offices.