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Skilled Commercial Litigation Representation

Commercial transactions involve contracts and the delivery of goods or services. When either party in a transaction reneges on the contract, a breach of contract claim may be necessary to resolve the matter.

Breach Of Contract Cases

Albert E. Acuña, PA, represents businesses in dispute with customers or suppliers, which are often other businesses. These cases often involve the interpretation of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

ADA Cases

Other legal cases involving commercial establishments also have to do with nonmonetary matters, such as injunctive relief and compliance with property regulations. Certain attorneys, allegedly advocating for disabled customers, bring claims against commercial establishments on the basis of rules contained in the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

Our experienced lawyer at Albert E. Acuña, PA, can save Miami commercial establishments time and money by getting timely resolutions to these types of legal problems, before, during and after they may be included in these types of actions.

Talk To A Lawyer About How To Resolve Commercial Legal Matters

Albert E. Acuña, PA, handles both types of commercial law cases: finance-related and regulation-related. Contact the Miami, Florida, law firm to learn how to get legal help related to:

  • Enforcement of terminated contracts
  • Commercial collections involving unpaid contractual obligations
  • Defense of allegations of noncompliance with Americans with Disability Act (ADA) provisions
  • Complaints about quality of products or service
  • Commercial real estate issues and disputes including lease disputes

Commercial litigation clients of Albert E. Acuña, PA, can rest assured that in all cases, the bottom line will clearly be in focus. Mr. Acuña understands that commercial entities exist to make a profit. Every dollar spent should protect the profitability of a company or enterprise. Commercial clients appreciate the opportunity to work closely with a lawyer who takes on the role of a valuable partner.

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