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Collections Representation For Condominium/Homeowners’ Associations

The vast majority of concerns involving condominium associations and homeowners’ associations are very similar. Many times the most pressing concern is ensuring and compelling residents to pay their association dues. Albert E. Acuña, PA, provides very efficient and economic processes to accomplish this very important legal objective on behalf of the associations it services.

Essentially all that is really required is an open line of communication with the association or its management, a well-organized and consistent infrastructure, and the implementation of an effective tickler system. To learn how we can help resolve legal issues related to condominium association contracts, contact us.

Condominium/Homeowners’ Association Liens And Foreclosures (Collections)

The reasons for nonpayment of association dues run the gamut from absentee owners to the change of the financial landscape, the effects of which are still being felt. To that end, it is not uncommon to find that some units may not even be worth the amount of their first mortgage, let alone a second mortgage.

As a result, once the unit owner falls into default in connection to the unit’s mortgage the default in the payment of association dues is sure to follow. Seeking knowledgeable advice and assistance from a lawyer who is very familiar with the numerous options Florida law provides to associations is the first step toward the recovery of unpaid dues.

Effectively Protecting The Financial Stability Of Condominium Community Or HOA

Delinquent association dues lead to weakened financial standing for the associations. As such, it is imperative that associations seek and retain good and competent legal representation that will efficiently seek to maximize the collection of delinquent association dues in the shortest amount of time possible to avoid incurring any additional arrearages.

Florida law provides association with numerous options to recover any unpaid association dues including, but not limited to the interception of rental payments from any existing tenants and the ability to evict the tenant if he or she refuses or fails to cooperate; the suspension of voting rights and the use of common areas; and the ability to take possession of a unit and rent it to a prospective tenant.

Whatever the details of the properties and the benefits of living in these communities, associations have the right to collect dues as agreed to by residents. If you live in a community association, serve on its board of directors, or manage a community association in or near Miami-Dade County and need legal representation before the next unit goes into default, contact Albert E. Acuña, PA.

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