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In addition to the concerns that affect community associations when residents fail to pay their dues, community associations often deal with a wide range of problems stemming from:

  • The failure to maintain, repair, and replace common and/or limited common elements (e.g., pipes bursting) by the association, or the failure of owners to properly maintain their unit
  • The enforcement of its declaration, by-laws, rules and regulations, and Florida law
  • Issues with regard to the performance of a service contract with a vendor
  • Issues with regard to the performance of a contract regarding construction projects, including construction liens
  • Issues with a municipality, county or state with regard to land usage
  • Day-to-day affairs the board of directors may come across in the conducting of the association’s business

Whatever the issues, demands or needs involved, Albert E. Acuña, PA, is a trusted resource for the representation of community associations of all sizes. Contact our law firm to discuss the homeowners or condominium association’s concerns with our lawyer.

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We serve as general counsel to a number of homeowners associations throughout Miami-Dade County, Florida, our firm can easily and efficiently manage and help your association with any and all of its day-to-day affairs, as well as any of the myriad issues that may arise.

Our attorney has substantial experience working with condominium and homeowners association issues and can help resolve legal issues related to your community association, including collections

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